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Tony Ka Chu Pak  BA Sc., J.D.

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public


Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements


Odds are you are in business with a partner, partners or investors.  We consider possibilities that you haven't thought about such as: if someone passes away; if one person isn't pulling their weight and you can't work with them anymore; if your circumstances change and you want to back away from the business; and if a third party makes an offer to buy your partner's shares.  The time to think about these issues is before any of these problems arise.  


We can help draft the right agreement for you and your partners.  We provide our advice and summary of the agreement to you and your partners in writing.  See some of our old newsletters for more information on the importance of these types of agreements.




在现代商业,你与合伙人、合作伙伴和投资者共事的几率越来越大。我们可以帮你考虑很多可能你没有想到的问题:如果有人过世了;如果有人无法无法完成他份内的工作,你不愿意再和他一起共事;如果你的现状发生变化,你想离开公司; 如果有第三方想买你的合伙人的股份,等等。请在这些问题出现之前考虑他们。




Getting New Investors, Selling and Buying Shares, Taking Over a Company, and Restructuring


Our services include reviewing, negotiating, and drafting letters of intent and share purchase and sale agreements, preparing closing documents and completing due diligence.  As with all of our files, we report and provide our advice in writing.


We understand that as your business grows, your needs will change.  Even if you've already registered your corporation, you may find that the articles do not allow you to obtain new capital or bring in new shareholders. If you don’t have a minute book, you may find that you are unable to sell your shares or your business.  We can help fix the hidden issues to make your company marketable.


If you are an investor or acquiring a company by way of a share transfer, there are significant legal requirements you will need to meet.  Whether you are an overseas investor or a local investor, we can help complete due diligence to safeguard your money, advise you about your risks, negotiate rights and generally, protect your interests.


Our experience on share transfers and business acquisitions includes dealing with foreign investors.




我们的服务范围包括:审核文件,谈判,起草意向书,起草买卖合约,准备交易文件和完成法律相关调查。对于我们所做的工作, 我们都会用书面的形式你一个报告。








Buying and Selling Assets of a Business


We can help you with your commercial transaction when you choose to just buy the assets of the business.  We meet with you from the onset of our retainer to find out what needs to be done.  We provide to you in writing what you need to do and what we will do to help.  We consider environmental, licensing, corporate, registered owners, assignment of agreements, leasing and a whole host of other issues that can make or break your business.   


We confirm our advice and report to you in writing in a timely manner.  Whoever you choose to hire, make sure you meet in person with your lawyer early in the process and certainly as soon as possible after signing your agreement.


Our services include reviewing, negotiating, and drafting letters of intent, offers and asset purchase and sale agreements, preparing closing documents and completing due diligence.


Commercial real estate is typically a subset of a business purchase and sale.  Some examples of the types of properties we have handled include:  gas stations, strip malls, mixed use buildings, golf courses, vacant land, development lands, farms, commercial condominiums, restaurants, office space, etc.








我们的处理过商业生意,其中包括: 油站, 空地, 农场,上居下铺地产交易,和度假屋等等。


Setting Up a New Business


We consult with you to determine how best to set up your business.  Every business is different and choosing whether you operate as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or as a corporation is dependent on a number of factors.  We make sure you meet all legal requirements no matter how you choose to operate so that you can hit the ground running.  As with all our files, we provide you with our advice in writing for your records..






Other Business Law Services


We offer a broad range of other business law services including:  reviewing and amending contracts and agreements of all types, obtaining a HST number, licensing applications (ie. Alcohol and gaming, master business licence, etc.) commercial leasing, franchising, and private financing.






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