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Reviewing a Lease


You've signed or you've received an offer to lease.  If you are a tenant, you will be presented with a lease by the landlord to review.


When we review a lease, we note it up from beginning to end and highlight portions for your attention that may cause you to incur additional liabilities.  We note up both the Offer to Lease and the Lease to highlight any differences for your attention and provide you with a chart showing the differences.  We provide you with an overview of the law concerning commercial leases and we provide you with a list of recommendations including possible draft clauses to be inserted in writing.  We conduct searches to make sure there are no rules preventing you from operating your business.  We report to you in writing.  If you require, we will negotiate on your behalf.  Reviewing a lease properly takes time. 


Hire a lawyer and make sure the job's done right and you get value for your money.  Do not settle for just a translation.




或许已经签或者收到一个offer to lease。或许你准备签一个租约合同, 房东会把一个租约草案给你审核。


我们在审核商业租约的时候,通常会做以下的事: 首先我们会在租约草案上特别标注出那些应该要注意的部分,其次我们会用一个表格的形式来比较 Offer to Lease Lease 的不同点,之后我们会根据商业租约的法律条款, 准备一个可能包括了draft clauses的法律文件。在这期间我们需要做一些必须的法律调查以确认您的商业计划不会被这租约合同所限制。最后我们会用书面的形式你一个报告以让你将来备查。如果您有需要,我们也可以帮你跟对方协商详细的条款。 请注意正确的审核商业租约是需要花上一定的时间的。




Drafting a Lease


If you are a landlord, finding a good tenant isn't easy.  Make sure you know the law and make sure that you do not inadvertently allow the tenant to back out of the Offer to Lease. 


When we draft your form of lease, we review the Offer to Lease to make sure your lease is consistent.  We insert as many protections as we can for your benefit.  We make sure that all items are clearly defined to avoid future problems.  We make sure that the lease for your new tenant does not violate conditions of your other leases. 


As with all of our files, we provide you with a summary of our work and advice in writing.  See some of our old newsletters on commercial leasing.




如果你是房东的话, 你会发现找到一个好的租客是不容易的, 因此你不希望租客因为Offer to Lease的不完全尔轻易地取消他的offer


我们帮你起草正式商业租约的时候,我们会对比Offer to Lease来准备 正式商业租约。我们会加上足够条款和细节来保护你的利益。我们也会同时确认这个新租约不会跟你的其他租约冲突。


就像我们做其他案件一样,最后我们会以书面的形式给你一个总结报告,如果你需要了解更多的这方面信息, 可以点击我们的法律新闻时讯


Negotiating and Amending a Lease


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, once a draft lease has been delivered or if your lease is up for renewal, you will likely be in negotiations with the other party.  We can help you with your negotiations.


Our services range from advising you on requested amendments from the other party to sitting with you at the negotiating table. 






我们法律服务的范围不只限于给你建议 ,我们还可以帮你谈判。


Other Commercial Leasing Services


Our other commercial leasing services are related to our business law practice. 


We frequently review leases as part of our client’s acquisition or sale of their business.  Some issues that may arise include:  landlord’s refusal to grant consent to a sale, continued liability of the seller, remaining term and renewal of the lease, and tenant estoppel certificates.










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