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Tony Ka Chu Pak  BA Sc., J.D.

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Real Estate/Financing

Commercial Real Estate


See Buying and Selling Assets of a Business.


Commercial real estate is typically a subset of a business purchase and sale.  Some examples of the types of properties we have handled include:  gas stations, strip malls, mixed use buildings, golf courses, vacant land, development lands, farms, commercial condominiums, restaurants, office space, etc.






地产是商业买卖的一个分支。我们的成功完成的交易包括: 加油站,零售商场,上居下铺地产,高尔夫球场,空地,开发用地,农场,商用公寓,餐馆和办公室等。


Real Estate Purchases


Whether you are buying a house or office tower, we can help.  We require a meeting with our clients so that we can accurately determine your needs.  Different properties have different uses and different people have different requirements.  We always do a thorough title search which includes searching adjacent properties and reviewing any registered plans (maps) to ensure you are getting all of the land you are paying for. 


Determining if other searches (ie. building permits, taxes, etc.) are necessary and what needs to be done requires a thorough discussion with our clients from the very start of our engagement.  We've lost count of how many times we've identified issues or potential problems in our initial meeting with our clients and how we've been able to plan and implement a solution to those issues.  What needs to be done and how it gets done will affect your costs. 


Whoever you choose to hire, make sure you meet in person with your lawyer early in the process and certainly as soon as possible after signing your agreement.






在与客户第一次见面时,我们就会与客户讨论决定是否需要做一些相关的调查 (大楼许可证调查 ,地税调查 )等。我们已经无数次在我们与客户的首次面谈中发现了潜在的问题,幸运的是因为我们及时为这些问题制定相对应的解决方案。所以每个案件的费用是不可能相同的。




Real Estate Sales


When you are selling your property, there are a number of legal requirements that you will have to adhere to.  Like real estate purchases, we require a meeting with our clients at the very beginning of our engagement to determine what we and what you will have to do prior to closing to ensure a smooth transaction. 


Don't give the purchaser any excuses to back out of an agreement.  Don't leave yourself open to unnecessary liability.  Identify the problems early with your lawyer in person and implement the solutions.








Other Real Estate Services


We offer a broad range of real estate services including:  Application for Survivorship, Title Transfers and Corrections, Refinancing Real Estate, Assignments, Construction Contracts, Minor Variances, Re-zoning and Development Agreements.  Like purchases and sales, we need to meet with you to find out about your needs and what we need to do.






Private Financing


If you are a commercial lender who requires collateral to secure funds (ie. mortgage, PPSA, etc.), we can help by drafting the commitment letter and security documents, conducting necessary searches, and registering the right security to make sure your money is secured. 


We review with you exactly what type of security that may be available and explain to you the risks associated with your loan.  Ultimately, you are the one who makes the decision.  Our job is to make sure you are fully informed.  As with all of our files, we provide you with our advice in writing.









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